Hello, my name is Tracy Ann and I currently work in the Health Industry. where my love for herbs, supplements and interesting food is satisfied. My day can often be challenging but keeps me on my toes. I assist others to make good choices for their health and wellbeing where possible.

I teach Meditation every week at a local Yoga centre, working in a secular and spiritual way, I find weaving the two elements together draws people towards me from all walks of life. As my heart works with the aspect of wishing all to look inside themselves from which ever pathway feels right for them.


Over the last twenty years I have developed my spiritual path, and worked with many people which has helped me to understand more about myself.

Meditating every day has assisted me in deepening my own connection, this has been paramount to my own inner journey with divinity.


I have worked with Kira over the last few years and my observation is that the energy has become stronger as more and more people join. We can only thank Kira for being an amazing channel for this work and ALL the higher beings that work with her and us. I have found the attunments to be paramount towards my energy growth and now I use my weekly Meditation classes to transmit quantum energy via the Gateway.


I am a Gateway activator and Ketheric healer all of which are incredible, I have found the energy fast and seemingly the most life changing energy thus far.

If you would like to receive a Gateway Attunement, please contact me via email to arrange a mutual time for us to connect.

Tracy Ann Hughes

Email: tracy@quantummeditationuk.co.uk