My general background would be life and experience, whilst working in Corporate life I began to see
gold out the sides of my eyes and kept this to myself as I thought something major was going on
with my eyes and I did not wish to share my worries at the time.
Eventually I went for an eye test and I passed as normal and only had to wear glasses to read, so I
began to ask spiritually, that was in the year 2007 and it has only grown stronger over time.


This perfect energy has led me down wonderful pathways of learning about myself and I continue to
grow every day. Its Divine source energy and seems to switch on when I am working in a healing way
with myself and others and that just happens naturally for me.
My passion has always been helping people, placing them onto their rightful path when they are
ready while utilizing many avenues to do so, as everyone is unique.
I have purposely trained in many aspects to offer my services in abundance to those that hear the
call and wish to work with me.
I am always learning while I work with people, this is their gift back to me.

I have worked with Kira over many years and my observation is that the energy keeps getting
stronger, especially in these global changing times. I have found the transmissions of light to be
paramount towards my energy growth.
I am a Gateway activator and Ketheric Healer all of which are incredible, the energy is fast and life
changing. If you would like to receive a Gateway transmission, please contact me via email to
arrange a mutual time for us to connect.

Tracy Ann Hughes



Some of my qualifications

Meditation/Mindfulness Now Teacher (BSoM) – Mindfulness Teacher Oxford College

Askashic Reader
Soul Path Reading
Spiritual Counsellor
Life Coach

Emotional Freedom Techniques including allergies, phobias, and energy psychology

Energy Healing – Ketheric Healing – Gateway activator

Distant Healing