The Ketheric Template, is your template of form, given to you by your Creators. It holds the codes and keys to all nuclear action, which takes place within the cellular structure..

The building blocks of form are presented through this template, thus creating a framework for the vessels which you inhabit..

Over time, and through the actions and experiences with density, this framework has become distorted, lessening your ability to function healthily.. There is scope for great change within the ketheric field, through the action of ‘Source’ energy, upon its templates.. This action is one of renewal and restoration, as the energy repairs and transforms the vessels of embodiment, creating an interface for re-patterning and restitution..


All misaligned patterns are removed, returning the template to its blank canvas state, from which it can be re-imprinted anew.. When this happens, new life currents flow throughout the body. All cells that are sleeping, are awakened forthwith, and stirred into action by the divine currents, which are flowing freely now, throughout the organism.. This new life brings a much needed regeneration and modification of the Genome, which imparts its information to the database of form.. Hence your vehicles of expression are transformed ….