higher dimension

Crystalline and Beyond

We are here to assist you with the crystalline body transition. To help your energy bodies to download more of the crystalline light, which leads to this transition. All are going through this process, it is inevitable, and unavoidable. None can escape these changes, lest… Read More »Crystalline and Beyond

Increase Your Light

THE LIGHT IS INCREASING! High frequency modulations are occurring within your biospheres. These atomic changes are consistently creating new realities for you. The dreams of the past are disappearing, back into the quantum soup from which they arose.. The telomeres are becoming strengthened, as biosynthesis… Read More »Increase Your Light

A New Hologram

“Your quantum reality field is transmitting new encodings for your use. Your deification is in process through the implementation of these quantum codes. It is of paramount importance for you at this time, to absorb these into your energy fields. This is groundbreaking territory, and… Read More »A New Hologram