Crystalline and Beyond

We are here to assist you with the crystalline body transition. To help your energy bodies to download more of the crystalline light, which leads to this transition. All are going through this process, it is inevitable, and unavoidable. None can escape these changes, lest… Read More »Crystalline and Beyond

Wake up your DNA!

Your DNA is activated by light, more specifically light encoded frequencies.. These frequencies build the DNA molecular structure, passing on their valuable information to the human genome, the database of all genetic activity.. An upgrading occurs in this manner, through the photonic resonance within the… Read More »Wake up your DNA!

The Gift

“The Gateways are an advanced system of star networks that traverse the Universes. Their function is primarily to upgrade all living forms. This upgrading takes place by increments. The systems network is vast, and covers many parallels and alternate realities. It is designed to function… Read More »The Gift