The ‘Silverstar’ energy is a powerful light which has been used to evolve very advanced races… It was used by the Irish gods, the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ (or people of the Goddess Danu) to increase their light fields.. They were also known as the ‘Shining Ones’..   It is said that they were God beings with supernatural powers.. Their Light was mighty…

I can verify this due to my lineage. I have an aspect that is a ‘Shining One’..



When I was first downloaded with codes by the Elohim and High Council, it was this Silverstar Energy which came through first. The people I gave this to, said that they felt as if they had been plugged into the National Grid!.. Since then I have been giving this as an activation..


However I can now offer this as a SilverStar download, which will empower you to give the energy to others.. This is what the energy does..

  • Repels all darkness and lower dimensional energy/entities
  • Attracts the Highest Light into your energy field
  • Transforms all things to Light
  • Rapidly increases your vibrational frequency
  • Lifts you instantly out of despair/depression


Please note that the ‘Silverstar’ energy has now shifted to a new level. It was originally a 7D energy which has now upgraded to a 9D one. It is now akin to the ‘Ketheric’ and ‘Plasma Light’ levels…


Give the energy to others to dramatically shift their vibration and increase their light.. Why not infuse the energy into quartz crystals and place them around your home, thus creating a sacred space of pure light and harmony.. If you want to experience an activation, please visit Here

However, if you would like to empower others by giving them this sacred energy system, please book below. Those who have a high light matrix will find that they can certificate others (create SilverStar System practitioners) by downloading others with this system…


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