Hi my name is Sian.  I thought I would just give you a little ‘about me and my journey’. Like many of us who have been on the spiritual path for a long time, we tend to reach a stage where we feel a bit stuck… it seems that the Gateway Systems are attracting an abundance of Lightworkers who feel this and are searching for some assistance in “stepping up’‘ themselves,  in order to increase their  light quotient and vibration.
This certainly has proved to be the case for me.

Over the years I have offered Holistic therapies, using my experience as a fully qualified Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Reflexologist and Metatronia Therapist. I have, and continue to love my personal journey whilst assisting others to raise their vibration and experience their own journeys of expansion into the light.


I discovered The Gateway Systems through Ki-Ra at https://frequencyandlighthealing.com after what seemed like an age of asking the Universe for a sign of how to to ‘Step Up’!!

Initially, I explored the Atlantean Activations, that she was giving ( this is the Silver Star frequency ),  and then moved on to receive The Gateway Systems, and more recently, the Ketheric Healing System. This has been the most amazing expansion I have experienced in my progression. I feel clear and my cells are buzzing with energy and light.


I offer remote sessions and my aim is to expand and facilitate the gateway energies, assisting others who are ready to shift in their consciousness.

The Gateway Light will assist each of you on a very unique personal journey, clearing ‘old’ programmes/contracts, disabling your ability to think negatively, and ultimately to transcend the limitations of the current Human level of existence.

Please book me Here, thank you …