Hi I’m Marie. Welcome to my Gateway page!

I am a Gateway Activator, Ketheric Healer and a Holisitic Healer, Shaman, Dowser, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and a Past Life Regression Facilitator. Helping others is my Soul Mission…

My other passions are mainly Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Feng-Shui, and Tarot.

I met the Gateway group in 2016, through a Facebook friend. I instantly resonated with Kira’s light and work, and I was drawn to experience the Gateway System and a few other Attunements right away.

I loved the energy so much that I became an Activator myself. I have been using the Gateway energies since then, for some members of the Group and for my clients all over the world.

After receiving the Gateway, you will feel deep clearings and huge shifts in your consciousness. I too, have amazing experiences, when sending or receiving these galactic energies.

Recently for example, while receiving an Activation, I saw a Pyramid above me, and a reversed one beneath me. They were moving toward each other, then they clicked together to form a Golden Merkaba, mirroring my own Merkaba (that I activated a few years ago). To me it was a sign that those two Vehicles of Ascension will help me to raise my frequency and that of others, in order to usher in the 5th Dimension and beyond.

The Gateway System and the Avatars are always very loving and powerful. Along the process, my Lightbody expanded, and my DNA was upgraded. My vibration is now higher, my intuition is sharper, and I have much more clarity about my life…

These energies are extremely powerful and valuable. If you are drawn to receive the Gateway Attunements, or Ketheric Healings, please contact me via my mailbox below, or my website, www.reikiwithmarie.typepad.com. We will arrange a convenient time for your remote session(s), wherever you live. Payments can be done through my PayPal account. Thank you!

I live in California, so Great-Britain is 8 hours ahead of me, and other European countries are 9 hours ahead. Western Australia and Singapore are 15 hours ahead.

Love, Light, and Blessings to All,

In Gratitude..   You can contact me Here