This is what the ‘Higher Self’ says about ‘Ketheric Healing’ …..

Your Ketheric level is the level that links you directly to ‘Source’. It is encoded with the nuclear codes of Creation, and as such, carries the Essence of ‘Life’. This Essence is within your cells already, as the living life force. It creates the atomic changes within you, that are responsible for your growth. It realigns the geometry of all cellular structures, with their original template settings, thus regenerating and restoring the body back to basics, to its true intended form. Its templates hold the fine strands of light, which make up your Being. Your cellular changes are effected by this force, into becoming new forms of light within the fractal spheres. These are your states of embodiment, representing different levels of awareness.


As Beings of Light, you hold this nuclear force within you, at the very Centre of your Being. The Oversoul is created by this Light, and it is this which carries your blueprints, the basic design for Health and Wellbeing. Those who are able to tap into this force, are empowered to return you to your original design, as the Creator intended it to be. The galaxies and stars are designed by this force. It is the Mind of God in Creation, within the heart of every cellular structure.

To be restored to Health and Wellbeing, this force must be activated within each of you. Great sages have been able to do this, such as the Christ or Krishna, and have demonstrated this ability to show you your potential. These changes are among you now, as you elevate your consciousness out of the gross density that it has been living in. A new period in your history is truly beginning – one of Miracles!


When I asked my Higher Self how this actually works, this is what I received …..

“You are drawing down the energy of Source, into the auric fields of an individual. This energy connects the individual with their Causal Bodies, providing a link for the transference of healing, in order to reset the Causal Body, back to its original blueprint. The causes of illness are removed, and the physical vehicle is restored to health and wellbeing. All disharmony dissolves, through a pure link with Source ….”


This is exciting work. I will keep you all updated with any information as it emerges! Please note that this is not a fixed frequency. It’s strength will depend upon your own individual needs. 

The Ketheric Healing Course is now available to anyone who wishes to transmit this amazing energy. Ideally you should have received at least 7 of the Gateway Systems, though not absolutely essential, so that your energy matrix will be sufficiently prepared and more compatible with this powerful energy, and will not become overloaded. Some of you however may find that your energy fields will cope with the Ketheric download, and you will thus be guided to receive this system.  Price £150. Please book below..


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