Hi my name is Juliane , and I’m a Gateway Activator, and Ketheric Healer.  I’m based in Milton Keynes, UK. I was born in Denmark, and as a kid my Mum introduced me to the work of Alice. A. Bailey. She would tell me all about the soul, past lives, the etheric body, and so on..

When I grew older, a passion for theoretical physics started to develop, and in 2010, I finished my Master in Quantum Field Theory..

In January 2014, when my son was only one year old, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, a  form of arthritis.. The last thing the doctor said to me was “You now have your diagnosis, but unfortunately I don’t have any medicine which can help you”.. That was my greatest gift, because I was now forced to find my own way back to health. I closed the door, and never went back to see the rheumatologist.

Five years followed, trying to battle the pain, the heavy depression, the extreme fatigue, and the crippling anxiety.. I was drawn to various forms of energy medicine; frequency therapy; bioresonance; biofield viewer etc, which helped me to get through the day. Also I started to swap treatments with a soul healer (Anna Lambert Guldborg), who I have everything to thank for today. Together with my always supportive husband, she was there to encourage me to keep fighting.. I knew from my Mother’s teachings that any imbalance has an inner root cause. So I just had to keep clearing the imbalances, and hopefully one day I would be done.  This was my thought that kept fueling the fire inside of me..

n 2018, I suddenly kept seeing or hearing the word DNA everywhere. Even when watching TV with the kids, a character would suddenly say it. Shortly after I found people who were working with upgrading the DNA. In December 2018, I (finally) found Ki-Ra. I started with the Gateway activations, which pushed my fear to the surface. I was finally able to look it in the eye, and let go of it. In January 2019, I received the Ketheric Healing activation.. While writing this, it has only been three days since I received it, but no doubt this has been life changing.. I feel so incredibly energized, pain free, calm, powerful and ready. Ready to go out there and help other people, to claim their life back; to become the absolute best version of themselves, and in the end, to help planet Earth move into her next adventure, the 5D dimension..

If you are interested in receiving a Gateway or Ketheric Healing, send me an email, and you’ll hear from me ASAP.

Light and Blessings.. <3  Please contact me Here