My name is Christiane. I was born in France, then I settled in Australia in 1986. I have had a life-long interest in healing and spiritual development which led me to start my studies in earnest in 2009. I started with Reiki and originally only intended to do level 1 for my own healing, but was soon fascinated by the changes it brought me and went on to be a Reiki Master and Ashati Grand Master/Teacher. I received other energy systems, and all have changed my life in a way I thought impossible. I  practice yoga, meditation and energy self-healing on a regular basis to maintain optimal health, expand my light body and keep a clear spiritual connection with my own Higher Self.


I was guided to Kira’s website and was immediately drawn to both the Ketheric Healing and the Gateway System. The experience with these energies was amazing, I felt powerful waves of brilliant white light entering my body and “clearing” unnecessary stuff, I felt “lifted” to other dimensions where I was welcomed with open arms by Beings of Light, and many other things..!

I find it hard to describe accurately what happened to me, suffice to say it was enough for me to immediately decide to become an Activator for both Ketheric Healing and the Gateway System.

If you would like to receive a Gateway Attunement or a Ketheric Healing, please contact me via email to arrange a time suitable for both of us, by email.

You can contact Christiane Here