The ‘Gateway’ Story

The Gateway Energy came/returned to Earth piggybacked onto an attunement which I was giving through the Stellar Gateway chakra. It arrived somewhat like a trojan horse, but a good one, so that it could not be detected by the dark ones, who wish to prevent the spiritual evolution of mankind.. see the video HERE 

This energy was used in ‘Atlantis’ to evolve us to embody much more light, and to achieve our highest light potential…

Align with the Higher Light!

I am the founder and via the ‘Avatars of Light’ can remotely download these systems into your energy field, enabling you to transmit this transformational energy, to others to assist them with healing and consciousness expansion… Nothing needs to be learned, this Divine Energy holds all the information that is required.. 

Heals and Upgrades our DNA

The ‘Gateway Energy’ heals the DNA, activates unused strands and reverses any modifications that are out of alignment with our Divine Blueprint, due to its inbuilt DNA REVERSE PROGRAM.. This energy is woven onto the Etheric Fabric of all Universes. Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey and Harry Edwards knew about ‘The Gateway’.

Upgrades the Lightbody

We are upgraded through All Lightbody levels, up to the Highest Light Expression. Firstly to the Crystalline Lightbody, followed by the Diamond Lightbody (the integration of our Higher Self), and lastly the Solar Lightbody (the Higher Self of All). 

Expands Consciousness

The energy alters our Awareness, blocking our ability to hold negative, low vibrational thoughts/emotions, rewiring our brains and permanently changing our thought habits in alignment with Divine Harmony.

Gateway Science

Please read the Science behind the working of the ‘Gateway Systems’, and how the Gateway Energy will transform your life.

Morphogenic Field

Read about the Morphogenic ‘Field’ and how it cooperates with ‘The Gateway Energy’ in order to evolve us All! See our FREE EVENTS HERE

Scalar Energy

The power behind ‘The Gateway’ is the Scalar Energy. Therefore all Course Activators can tap into this energy and use it as a separate healing modality.