Why choose our Academy?

If you are restless/stuck and feel there is more to life, or if you have a high calling to help others, The Gateway Academy of Light will serve your needs.. The Higher Light Tools that you find here will assist you in embodying more Light, raising your vibration and expanding your conscious awareness, regardless of your level of spiritual growth.. We cover all your ascension needs and beyond.. We are ONE...

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the Highest Good of humanity, to assist you in embodying as much Light as possible, using the ‘Gateway Systems of Light’, the 'Ketheric Healing System', and 'Plasma Light Healing System'. (to read about the 'Ketheric Healing' and 'Plasma Light Healing' please see top menu).
You should always begin with the Gateway System as it contains the DNA Reverse Program, that will reverse all modifications to your DNA. The Gateway is more than just a DNA activation energy.. It is a holographic interface, for the upgrading of your cellular structures, to luminescent biosuits.

All Lightbody geometries are provided within the Gateway network of star systems, which will also include all parallel and non-dimensional systems… These Ancient Systems have been used extensively in the past, to successfully ascend all species throughout the Cosmos..

The Gateway establishes the Crystalline Light Matrix initially, followed by the Diamond Light Matrix, and ultimately the Solar Light Matrix, of all beings.. Your DNA will be successively upgraded through these matrices of Light, when you receive the 'Gateway Energy'.

The Divine Energy

The Gateway Energy itself, both heals, repairs and restores your light matrix, bringing it into alignment with your ‘Source Self’, effectively reversing any modifications to your 'Angelic Human Template', which have so far downgraded you, and kept you vibrating within a low frequency bandwidth. It also makes changes to your morphogenetic field, to align with your Spiritual Mind, blocking any disharmonious thought patterns and habits, thus allowing only superior high frequency thought waves to be experienced by you.

This energy promotes expanded consciousness and higher dimensional awareness for all souls, thereby establishing Harmony and Peace upon our beloved planet..

The Gateway is the energy of the Divine. Possessing its own wisdom and intelligence, it knows exactly what needs to be done, to heal, restore and upgrade you, always working in cooperation with your 'Higher Self'..

Please note that no texts, instructions, symbols, or 3D learning tools, are necessary to transmit this 'Divine Energy'... This also applies to the Ketheric and Plasma Healing Energy.


Hi I'm Kira.. All Gateway Activators are downloaded with codes from the ‘Avatars of Light’, (who are beings of pure light), via myself. I am a bridge between these lightbeings and the activators.. The codes received, come from many star systems, and include the DNA geometry of each one.. The quantum energy is in effect introducing superior Galactic DNA, into our current DNA Matrix, improving it to enable us to ascend dimensionally... The Ketheric and Plasma Light Energy, come from outside the quantum field.

If you would like to assist humanity by becoming a certified 'Gateway Activator', please book our Course, which consists of seven major system downloads.

We also host free Gateway Events, (please click on the Events tab) where we collectively transmit the higher frequencies of the Gateway Energy to all who wish to receive them (You only need to make the intention to receive during or after our Events. The energy is quantum and works outside of time and space).
It is our passion, to transform this world to light, using the Highest Light technology that is now available to us…

About The Gateway Energy

Need more information? Feel free to download the eBooks below… If they resonate with you, please get in touch, (see footer, or blog page), or why not book your Gateway Course’.. now?




Meet Me and the Activators

Our team of Gateway Activators operate worldwide (there are more than are listed here). You will find an activator in most countries. All are professional, have integrity, and hold a very high Light Matrix!

BOOK OUR COURSES.. you don't need to learn or study anything. Life changing informaton is already contained within these Energies!

This is what people are saying about the 'Gateway Energy'...
Brenda Monahan

Brenda Monahan

“Thank you Kira, I am honored to be part of this group of activators! I deeply felt the energies when they were activating within me in various ways. It was quite fascinating. Love and blessings to all…”

Greer Palloo

Greer Palloo

“Since the attunements began, I have felt clearer, totally centered, mindless and yet fluid. My body feels lighter and movement is effortless (big bonus!). I feel purposeful and do look forward to continuing this priceless, endless journey!”

Sian Jewell

Sian Jewell

“I asked to connect to my family of light and FELT an amazing white light,then called ALL parts of myself to return, and asked for all barriers,and wounds to be transmuted, and transformed to light and to REMEMBER my Divinity . Tears streamed down my face. I sat in stillness with the energy.”

Anne Grethe Lynne

Anne Grethe Lynne

"The Gateway comes into your energy, physical body straight away, and goes wherever it is needed. I love to receive and give it to others. A client told me, she saw Light being sprinkled all over her body. Her pain was gone after the session..."

Maria James

Maria James

“This was the most energetic experience in my life. I could really feel the difference .. I had searched a long time to find my purpose, and was guided to this.. I want to help, to heal, and to heal myself .."

Angelina Arciero

Angelina Arciero

“I saw rainbow lights,the energy came in 3 waves getting stronger with each. The energy flow was very intense. I experienced a heart expansion and my body temperature changed with each wave from warm to cold . This was amazing and the strongest yet!"..


Crystalline and Beyond

We are here to assist you with the crystalline body transition. To help your energy bodies to download more of the crystalline light, which leads to this transition. All are going through this process, it Read more…

The Galactic Human Template

Your vehicles of light are formed from a myriad of photons. These light modules contain packets of information, in the form of codons.. It is these codons, which contain information for your DNA. They speak Read more…

The Ketheric Template

The Ketheric Template, is your template of form, given to you by your Creators. It holds the codes and keys to all nuclear action, which takes place within the cellular structure.. The building blocks of Read more…

Renew your Matrix of Light

The Star/soul Matrix is a unique matrix of light. It connects with all your galactic systems across the dimensional fields.. This unique linkage, provides for renewal, for the update of your physical vehicles, and an Read more…

DNA and our operating system

The Light of ‘Source’ is complete in itself. It contains all knowledge within its natural inherent encoding.. Your DNA is a part of this light, holding its imprints of information within itself.. The light fields Read more…

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