Repair your cells from vaccination

“Your world is full of toxic substances which emit various frequency codes that alter your body temples, creating a restriction of the Life Force. Thus bringing disease and death to them.
You were meant to have a much longer life span than you currently have. But your inner Divine programs have been rewritten to limit you. The ‘You’ that is expansive has been held back on a leash.
Contaminants such as Graphene Oxide nanoparticles have been introduced to your sacred temples. These have been added to your food, and are especially prevalent in barbecued meat and plants. The graphene is easily absorbed since it is water soluble. However it creates loss of cell functionality, inflammation and mitochondrial damage.
This deterioration needs to be addressed. It is of course possible to consciously interface with these particles and to reprogram them by intention. But a much easier and more effective way, is to introduce the ‘Gateway Energy’ into your body temples.
This Divinely conscious energy knows exactly what to do to overwrite any negative programs, reversing any modifications in your DNA, and repairing cell damage.
If you want to restore your Health, Wellbeing, AND EXPAND your CONSCIOUSNESS, there is no Greater tool than this … “ Avatars of Light.

The name ‘The Gateway’ has been used to confound and distract you from discovering the truth about the Gateway Systems Energy…
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